About the Society of Physician Assistants in Genetics and Genomics


To foster and advocate for the scientific and professional development of its members and the PA community, in the discovery, interpretation, application, and management of genomic information, for the promotion of patient's health and well-being.  SPAGG advocates for public understanding of genomic health and use of genomic information.


1.  Build and sustain a vibrant international community for the development of PAs in genetics and genomics in relation to education, research, and professional practice, through: 

  • fostering effective communication and networking with PA organizations and other genetics specialty groups;
  • promoting interprofessional collaboration in the care of patients, families, and communities at risk for genetic conditions;
  • providing a forum for education and support for PAs providing genetic- and genomics-based healthcare.

2.  Promote the integration of genetics and genomics across PA education, research, and care at all levels of professional practice, through:

  • promoting engagement of PAs with genetics and genomics;
  • sharing expertise and best practice in education, research, and care delivery;
  • offering practical support for continuing professional development.      

3.  Demonstrate and promote leadership in the development and implementation of standards of healthcare practice in genetics and genomics for the benefit of patients and families, through:

  • leading and influencing public policies;
  • articulating standards of practice in PA professional education and clinical care;
  • generating and disseminating evidence for high quality PA practice;
  • working collaboratively with other relevant public and professional groups.

Please contact us at spagg@wildapricot.org with any questions or inquiries.

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